Punked!! Comic Zine

Sep 10

Anonymous said: you all still accept submissions?

We accept submissions to the tumblr any time!  Unfortunately the book itself was printed last year & volume 2 is quite a ways off yet, so you won’t be submitting to the book, just the tumblr for now.  If you’re still cool with that, submit away~  We love seeing peoples’ cool art either way!

Nov 25

Punked books ready to go out, wooo!!!


Punked books ready to go out, wooo!!!

Nov 17




Nov 17


Hey everybody!  The zines finally arrived today and they look fab-u-LOUS.

I wasn’t expecting them until the end of the month, so this is great!  We’re going to give top priority (as far as shipping goes) to people who actually paid for books, then start sending out the artist copies, yay!

Artists:  If you haven’t already, please e-mail amb0rgey@gmail.com with your current mailing address so I can make sure to send you a complimentary copy of the book!  If you don’t provide an address you won’t get a book, so make sure you take a minute to send it over.

Nov 12

Just got e-mail confirmation that the book is finally entering the actual printing process some time today/tomorrow.  Books should get to us in 2 weeks at the most (barring any problems!) and we’ll be sending them out to y’all afterwards.

Reminder that if you emailed me with your art & it’s in the book, check your email asap because we’ve sent along the PDF to you!  Also we need your new mailing address in order to send out your complimentary copy of the book.  If you don’t reply directly via email there’s no guarantee we’ll get your address and/or be able to send you anything at all, so be sure to do that!

Contact amb0rgey@gmail.com to provide your mailing address or to ask any questions you might have.

Thanks everybody!!!

Oct 07

briandanielwolf said: What's the current status on the Zine?

The pdf copies of the book should be out by the end of this week, yay!  We’ll be sending it to the printer this week too once we make sure we’ve got all the kinks worked out as far as print quality & making sure everyone’s work is credited and numbered appropriately and everything.  Wooooo~~

We’re right on schedule despite both getting full time jobs right at zine crunch time and everything so YAY I’m sorry the wait still feels long but we’re almost completely done!!! :O

Sep 10


it’s pretty bonzer to love your mum

Sep 10

Zine submission!


Zine submission!

Sep 09

Anonymous said: Hello! I'm almost done with my entry for the anthology, I just need to put some finishing touches on it. I have my fingers crossed when I ask if you meant Monday the 10th was the deadline and not Sunday the 9th?

Well technically it’s 12am MONDAY (3am monday eastern time) although that’s usually considered “sunday night” for people.  Really any time on Monday would be fine, whatever!!!!!!

Sep 02


Hey everyone!  Due to a couple of crazy weeks and a lot of you being very busy (or just lazy haha) we’re giving you an extra week to get your submissions in.  Please finish up any illustrations or comics and e-mail amb0rgey@gmail.com with any questions and all finished artwork.


Sorry guys but I have a lot of stuff to do and can’t really sit around tumblr all day and wait for your submissions to roll through.  Please make sure to e-mail them!!

Any work not submitted via e-mail by MONDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH 12:00 AM PDT (3 AM Eastern yadda yadda) will not be accepted.  So please make sure to finish all of your work by then.  We unfortunately can’t grant any more extensions because we’re running on our own deadline.

NOTE: If you e-mail your work by the deadline but it does not fit the requirements of size, color or format, we will not accept your submission.  For a reminder on what the requirements are, refer to THIS POST.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can help get your submission up to snuff before the deadline.

Aug 29

Anonymous said: Is there any leeway on the deadline? Or is 31 in stone? What if I was done by the 2nd?

Negotiations re: the deadline can be made!  E-mail me at amb0rgey@gmail.com and let me know what’s up!!

Aug 26

Anonymous said: Is grayscale accepted? Or just black and white? Sorry to ask so many questions!

Grayscale and B/W are both fine!

Aug 20

Vampire and the Robot Character Development

Vampire and Robot Joke

This project will be a nice change of pace from some of my personal projects. I am aiming for a 5 page story to intro a concept that I has been boiling in my head for about a year. I have been focused on developing the characters and figuring out the style. Here is a little preview art for the story.

Aug 13
Here’s one of the extra busts we’re offering as a prize to people who pledge $15 or more to our fundraiser!  Only 3 more days to nab one of these Rockabilly guys, not to mention other awesome stuff!Check it out!

Here’s one of the extra busts we’re offering as a prize to people who pledge $15 or more to our fundraiser!  Only 3 more days to nab one of these Rockabilly guys, not to mention other awesome stuff!

Check it out!

Aug 12


HEY y’all!

We have received some awesome submissions so far, good job!

For those of you who haven’t submitted your entries yet this is just a reminder that you only have about 3 weeks to do so!  Please remember that they should be 7x10 and 300dpi and grayscale.  If you have any questions about that feel free to contact me, otherwise keep up the good work.

I’m excited to see all your finished stuff, you are all very talented and wonderful gems!